5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Crowley


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It’s no surprise that the cast of Supernatural shares a special bond. They consider themselves to be an extensive family. All the actors share a unique and loving bond which extends beyond the screen which is pretty evident from the interactions at the fan conventions. There are videos available on YouTube of the conventions where Jensen could be seen impersonating as Mark’s Crowley and Mark has also acted out as Dean. Interestingly, Mark Sheppard whose birthday is on 30th May shares the birthday with Jensen Ackles’s daughter Justice Jay.


5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Crowley
The CW

In Season 10, after Rowena fails in her attempt to kill Dean Winchester. She fakes injuries and tries manipulating Crowley in killing Dean. But Dean and Crowley end up having a deep conversation. Dean tells his side of the story of what happened and Crowley believes him. Dean gives his wise advise to Crowley and tells him that Family don’t end with blood and it also don’t start there either. This makes Crowley realize that Rowena might be his biological mother, but she is not his family. Crowley returns and throws out Rowena. Also, when the darkness is taking over and Crowley is sitting on the sidelines, Dean convinces Crowley by visiting him personally to join the good fight.


The CW

In Season 9 when there’s a civil war going on after Abaddon is freed and vows to take over the throne. Dean decides to take over the Mark of Cain to wield the first blade to defeat Abaddon. When Crowley is consumed by his blood addiction and is helpless, Dean along with Sam rescue Crowley. Similarly, when Dean is awakened as a demon. His demonic nature and impulses take over, he ends up creating problems for everyone. That’s when Crowley decides to help Sam & Castiel in reverting the demonic nature of Dean. He supplies a dying Castiel with another angel’s grace which allows him to reach bunker in time and restrain Dean from killing Sam.

  • In Season 5, Crowley was the one who handed the Colt to the Winchesters, but he didn’t know that it won’t kill an archangel.
  • In Season 7, Crowley called off his minions and instructed them not to go after the Winchesters. He also provided his blood in a vial to the boys to create a weapon to eradicate Roman.
  • In Season 9, he helped in locating the first blade which was thrown in the deep ocean by Cain. Without First Blade, Dean couldn’t kill Abaddon.
  • In Season 10, he helped Castiel by powering him up with angel’s grace so he could help Sam in the Demon Curing Ritual.
  • In Season 11, he joined forces with The Winchesters and Chuck to fight the Darkness.
  • In Season 12, he sacrificed himself to save the Winchesters and give them a fighting chance.
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