5 TVD Universe Changes That Shouldn’t Have Happened

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Writers job is very challenging, they continuously have to come up with refreshing and engaging storylines to keep the viewers at their toes. While it’s not just surprises, the elements and plot also have to make the sense. Often, the writers think a creative from a long term storytelling, they have to connect the dots too, interlink the episodes of a Season in such a way that it tells one big story altogether. TVD writers should get lots of credit for wonderfully translating the novels into a show which has taken a life of its own. However, in the process, they came up with certain storylines, made certain changes in the plot and in character personalities, backstories which we really wish they hadn’t.

So Take A Look At 5 TVD Universe Changes That Shouldn’t Have Happened


5 TVD Universe Changes That Shouldn't Have Happened
The CW

In the plot episodes, we see Damon conjure up the fog and control a crow. However, those powers were never seen again since then in any of the Vampire Diaries episodes. The reason was that the creators felt such powers would be too ‘SUPERNATURAL’ for the show, and presenting them would mean that the creators would have to depend on the visual effects more. Julie Plec revealed in an interview that the early episodes are about figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what fans like and what they dislike, and then you move forward with the right combination. Secondly, Damon turned into an anti-hero in Season 2. With the arrival of Rose on the TVD, we witnessed a humane side of Damon. Ian hated the idea of Damon becoming a good guy, but he was convinced that he can’t be a one-trick pony forever. But there are many fans who feel Damon should have remained an antagonist, it would resulted in a much more interesting dynamic between him and Stefan, him and Elena, and the others.


5 TVD Universe Changes That Shouldn't Have Happened
The CW

The entire premise of Originals revolved around the birth of the miracle baby named Hope Mikaelson. The baby brought the Mikaelson Family together, they were united for once in over a period of thousand years where they fought for the love of the family. It was Hope who became the main reason for the redemption of Klaus Mikaelson. She played a central role in numerous storylines such as Dahlia’s return or the arrival of Hollow. Klaus and Hayley fought and struggle to provide a better life for Hope. Hope needed her parents more than anything else to provide her the emotional security as she is growing up. But writers first made the demise of Hayley happen which was unrequired and poorly executed and then Hope has to say goodbye to his father Klaus. All this the next spin-off Legacies would have an Orphan protagonist who overcomes all odds to become the hero she was always meant to.


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