5 Worst Things Done By Sam And Dean Winchester


5 Worst Things Done By Sam And Dean Winchester
The CW

Although Winchesters have saved the world from the apocalypse and other major problems. But let’s not forget, apocalypse sort of happened because of them in a way. Dean broke the first seal and Sam broke the last which allowed Lucifer to break free of the cage. Then when Sam had the chance to shut down the gates of hell, but Dean stopped his brother from doing so, choosing Sam over billions of people. Similarly, when Death offered Dean an opportunity that involved Dean had to end Sam and then Death would send him to a different place where he won’t able to harm anyone. But Dean instead chose to end Death and again choosing Sam. Sam with the help of Rowena, Crowley, and Castiel managed to get the mark off Dean’s arm which released the entrapped Darkness who wrecked havoc, causing all sorts of chaos, and claiming uncountable lives on earth. There was a time when the Winchesters cared about every single life. They would exorcise the demon to save the vessel, but after getting the Ruby’s Knife, they started using it on nearly every demon without any concern about the human vessel the demon possessed.


5 Worst Things Done By Sam And Dean Winchester
The CW

One of the worst things done by the Winchesters is the way they treated their friends. Just forgetting about Kevin in Season 8. The Winchesters failed Kevin on numerous occasions, they failed to protect him from Crowley, and then Dean didn’t tell him about Gadreel which caused his demise. Even after becoming a ghost, poor Kevin didn’t find peace due to the lies of Chuck. Or the time when Dean forced Castiel to move outside of the bunker due to Gadreel’s command. And who can forget when Sam and Dean didn’t feel Castiel’s fight against Raphael was a genuine concern, instead they blamed Castiel for going against their back. This eventually resulted in Castiel feeling betrayed and doing what he felt was the ‘right thing’ and ended up absorbing millions of souls.



It’s not wrong that Sam and Dean always chose each other over the Universe, but it comes wrong if their choice has serious ramifications and consequences for the others. Such as when Dean tricked Sam, allowed Gadreel to possess Sam which eventually resulted in the demise of Kevin. When Sam put Charlie up to a dangerous mission to cure Dean of the mark which cost Charlie her life. Nearly every time, in trying to save each other, both Sam and Dean ended up causing problems to the people around them.

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