6 Facts About The Making Of Supernatural That Fans Should Know



The writing team for the first season involved Eric Kripke with along five other writers. The writers had assistants who would help them in researching the popular urban legends. The writers were broken up into the groups. At the start of every season, the writers would come together, pitch in their ideas, and after brainstorming, the ideas would be given to a specific writer who will develop it into a story. The idea for the story would be written on the dry-erase board while Singer and Kripke making the required changes. After the script is written, it would run by Kripke who would ensure that the episode has a similar tone as the other episodes of the season. Kripke found it hard in the beginning, but by third season it became a smooth sailing. The show’s original creator Eric Kripke stepped down as the showrunner. This is why if you notice there’s a major change in the tone and quality of the show since Season 5 ended.



The show has taken major influence from horror films such as Poltergeist where the haunting happens in an urban family setting. Also it takes influence from films such as An American Werewolf in London and Evil Dead which mixed horror with comedy bits. Kripke revealed in an interview that the idea of supernatural was to show that horror can take place in your own house. You don’t have to visit a gothic castle of an immortal vampire to experience the haunting. The show also borrow elements from Asian cult horror movies such as Ring, The Eye, The Two Sisters, and Ju-on.


6 Facts About The Making Of Supernatural That Fans Should Know

The pilot episode of a TV series is pretty significant because it sets the tone of the show. No wonder the pilot script went through numerous changes. A major idea originally involved Sam’s girlfriend Jessica being a demon which motivates him to join Dean in the hunting life. But Kripke felt the motivation for Sam to enter the Supernatural world should come from the death of Jessica. Jessica should die in the same way as Mary Winchester died. This would have a major impact on him. Interestingly, in Season 5, the Satan Lucifer takes the form of Jessica Moore to manipulate Sam Winchester. Another major idea involved Sam believing his older brother Dean being a serial killer who has killed their father John. The boys’ father John was supposed to die instead of Jessica.

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