6 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Hope Mikaelson


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Hope Mikaelson
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Hope shares numerous similarities with her aunt Freya. The birth of both of them was against the Nature as Esther couldn’t conceive children due to being infertile and Klaus cannot procreate due to being a vampire. Both of them are the first born of their generation and are girls. Both of them were taken by their aunt. In Hope’s case, Klaus willingly gave Hope to Rebekah to keep her safe whereas Dahlia took Hope as her payment. Hope and Freya both are powerful Mikaelson witches.


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Klaus named her Hope because Elijah believed that the child would be the hope for their family, their chance at the redemption. Her middle name Andrea is a reference to her mother’s name. Since her birth, she has justified her name ‘Hope’. Her arrival resulted in the reconciliation of Klaus and Marcel who were at war. Klaus then handed her to Rebekah to keep her safe and thus resulting in another reconciliation. Klaus exiled her after finding out about her betrayal.

5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Hope Mikaelson
The CW

She ultimately proved to be the redemption of her family. Hope brought all the family members together who fought for her and protected her. Ultimately, Klaus who had never been selfless chose to die to protect her daughter. He redeemed himself by making the ultimate sacrifice of dying for love.


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Season 2 of TVD focused on Klaus lifting up his curse and becoming the Original Hybrid. In later seasons, we saw him creating and siring hybrids, however he required the blood of Elena Gilbert. In Originals Season 1, we learn that Hope’s blood can transform werewolves into hybrids. Before her birth, the hybrids were sired to Hayley. Tyler checked this theory by turning Dwayne who became sired to Hayley. Later on, Klaus used Hope’s blood to turn some unnamed werewolves into hybrids to do Hope’s bidding.

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