6 Interesting Facts About Sam Winchester Than Fans Easily Forget

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Dean Winchester might be the most popular character on the Supernatural, his brother Sam Winchester is way more clever and collected than Dean. But being a Winchester is no less than a curse, you have to endure struggles and deal with plenty of unusual issues. For 15 years, Supernatural entertained us and took us on a thrilling ride. The show aired over 300 episodes which is an amazing achievement. The format and storytelling of the show has also gradually changed. In the earlier seasons, each episode felt like a short horror movie.

Eric Kripke revealed in an interview that was the idea back then. To tell the horror stories and bring the famous urban legends located in different parts of the country to life. But when the creators noticed the chemistry between the brothers, it shifted the focus towards the Winchesters family and their bond which became the highlight of the show. Later on, the show expanded its universe to include demons, angels, archangels, God, and all sorts of entities. No character has encapsulated the changes of the show more than Sam Winchester. From a studious law student to a skilled hunter, his journey has been memorable. Sam despised the life of the Supernatural, but it was his destiny that he was pulled back into it, time and time again.

So Take A Look At 6 Interesting Facts About Sam Winchester Than Fans Easily Forget


Did you know in second season of the Supernatural, Sam had to fight to survive? Courtesy of Azazel. The first major villain of the show was the yellow-eyed demon Azazel. Many fans to this date consider him as one of the best villains on the show. A Prince of Hell whose sole purpose was to free his lord Lucifer from the captivity. He worked really hard to release the Lucifer.

For this, he prepared ‘Special Children’ who were fed his blood which granted them special abilities and demonic powers. These children were meant to serve Lucifer once he is freed. Sam Winchester belonged to this group. Azazel planned to use these special children in Lucifer’s army when the apocalypse starts. In the finale episode, Azazel placed all these individuals with supernatural abilities in an abandoned town to find out who is the strongest of them all. The competition was to determine who would lead the demonic army of Lucifer.  But in reality, all those who were the blood of Azazel were the potential vessels for the archangel Lucifer. All the psychic people died leaving behind Sam who ended up becoming the sole survivor and would eventually became Lucifer’s vessel.

6 Interesting Facts About Dean Winchester Than Fans Easily Forget


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In Season 4, Sam became closer to the demon Ruby who had an ulterior motive. She provided demon blood to Sam who consumed it in order to become stronger than the demons. While Sam believed he was doing a noble job of eradicating the demons, but he was only being manipulated by the demon Ruby for the endgame which was to free Lucifer. Sam was able to hold his ground against a powerful white-eyed demon such as Alaistair. The demonic blood provided him the powers of telekinesis, he acquired super strength, and could easily destroy and exorcise low-tier demons. But all those abilities vanished once he stopped consuming the blood. His blood addiction caused him to fight Dean and leave him behind. Eventually he was able to overcome this weakness. He drank blood one last in Season 5 when he tried going up against Lucifer who wanted him to be his vessel.


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