6 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Eric Kripke is a writer who rose to popularity with his work on the show Supernatural which became an immense success on the CW Network. Apart from Supernatural, Kripke has also been known for creating shows such as Revolution, Timeless, and the Boys. There are plenty of interesting facts about this talented writer that many SPN fans aren’t aware of.

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6. As the fans very well know that Eric Kripke’s story of Supernatural concluded with ‘Swan Song’. Sera Gamble would took over as the showrunner while Kripke would go on to create a new show. Even though ratings were tremendous which is the reason CW Network decided to continue the show. Kripke revealed that he felt that it was the right time to move on and focus on new projects and felt that Supernatural was ready for a fresh new perspective. There was a need for reinvention and Sera Gamble came on board with a new vision and fresh new energy which the show desired. Kripke also revealed that a learned a very important lesson when his SPN tenure came to an end. It was to create a show with an enduring mythology such that it could be ended whenever needed and could also keep going if desired.

Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke
The CW

5. Eric Kripke has revealed that ‘The French Mistake’ and ‘Changing Channels’ are his favorite Supernatural episodes. The reason being these episodes not only break the fourth wall, but move away from the typical SPN episode by incorporating lots of humor and jokes involving people who work behind the scenes. Did you know that Eric Kripke as appeared as a character in the Season 6 Episode ‘The French Mistake’. His character was portrayed by Micah Hauptman who comes to intervene in a problem on the sets, to resolve the issues involving Sam and Dean, but is attacked by Virgil.

Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke
The CW

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4. Eric Kripke’s creation Supernatural has been the biggest highlight of his career. He  has described his show as a “love letter to horror.” As the show Supernatural contains numerous homages and references to the hit classic horror movies and television shows. Throughout the show, nods to hit shows such as “The X-Files”, “The Twilight Zone”, and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” are pretty evident.

Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke


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