6 Interesting Things About Klaus Mikaelson That TVD Fans Might Not Know


6 Interesting Things About Klaus Mikaelson That TVD Fans Might Not Know
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Both of them are first of their kind. Klaus is the first Original Hybrid whereas Hope is the first Tribrid in the TVD Universe. At first, he wasn’t interested in his unborn child, but Elijah convinced him to protect Hope. The child made Klaus selfless and humane, Elijah and the siblings believe that Hope is the redemption of the Mikaelson family. Klaus is extremely protective of Hope, he even killed his biological father Ansel to keep Hope safe. He sacrificed himself by absorbing the Hollow’s spirit and getting staked in order to keep Hope safe. Both of them share numerous similarities such as both like drawing and painting, they both were weakened by a magical object. Klaus wore the Esther’s necklace which suppressed his werewolf strength, Hope wore the magical bracelet made by Kol which kept her magical abilities hidden.


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While the character of Klaus Mikaelson has been adapted from the TVD books, but there are numerous differences between the two. Klaus from the books is an ancient old vampire who had fought in every war, from fighting beside Alexander to the war that resulted in the downfall of Roman Empire. He was the one who turned Katherine Pierce into a vampire. His powers and abilities have also been changed from books to TV. In the books version, he would enter a house without being invited and killed Vicki Donovan. He almost killed Stefan and Damon before the spirit of Elena intervened.


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His name Nikklaus comes from the Greek word ‘Nikolaos’ which means ‘victory of the people’. The name belonged to the Saint Nicholas who was a fourth century bishop from the place of Anatolia who saved the lives of the daughters of poor people from the evil of prostitution. This saint became the basis for the popular legend of Santa Claus. His last name Mikaelson comes from the Scandinavian language and it means the ‘Son of Mikael’, a reference to his father Mikael. It was his step-father Mikael who gave him his name.


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When it comes to feeding his blood to the females, he feeds them directly from his wrist, but for the males, he feeds them by dripping in a glass or container. The only time he made an exception was when he turned Marcel into a vampire and when he healed Marcel from the werewolf bite in Originals Season 1 finale. He can read and speak several languages which include French, Aramaic, Italian, and German. He is a fan of the iconic English band ‘The Beatles’, it is evident from his statement in the episode ‘The Last Dance’ where he said that the Beatles made the 60’s bearable.

Facts Source: VampireDiariesFandom

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