6 Words That Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Can Understand


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What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘Switch off’ or ‘Turn off’? Normal people think of probably switching off the lights in their house, but a TVD fan’s mind instantly goes to the ability to switch off the emotions. Human emotions can be our greatest blessing and biggest curse. Compared to the ordinary humans, Vampires are capable of experiencing everything in a much heightened manner. This often leaves them in a vulnerable state as they are able to experience anger or sadness in great intensity. Vampires can get a grip on their emotions by turning off their emotions. When a vampire does it, it is called as switching off or turning off their humanity. They are no longer morally conscious of their actions and feelings of guilt. They are capable of inflicting any damage or pain to even their loved ones.


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Ship means a gigantic boat which sails over water and is often used for the transportation of humans and other materials from other one port to the other. But in the world of the Vampire Diaries, ship refers to the romantic pairing of two characters which fans feel are perfect for each other. Often times, the pressure from the fans and their passion for a specific ship forces the writers to modify their storylines to acknowledge and accommodate a romantic pairing. The character of Damon Salvatore started off as the villain, but his chemistry with Elena compelled the fans to cheer for him despite of all the heinous acts he has committed. There are different group of shippers who often get in a friendly banter while supporting their ship.


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While hearing the word ‘Other Side’, the normal people usually think of the another side of the road, or a different side. But the TVD fans know the Other Side is a realm where the deceased can be found. The ghosts and spirits of the deceased supernatural beings reside in this dimension. We have seen our beloved characters such as Damon, Stefan, and lot others finding themselves on the Other Side. This is like a purgatory which was created by Qetsiyah in order to be reunited with Silas who had become immortal.


5 Things That Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Can Understand

Many are reminded of the notorious Jack The Ripper when they hear the word ‘Ripper’. But for the TVD fans, the word Ripper denotes a sub-type of rabid vampires who cannot control their animalistic impulses and cause destruction beyond limits.

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