6 Words That Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Can Understand

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries spawned a grand universe comprising of different sorts of supernatural entities and extended across three different shows which are interconnected. The show also introduced numerous characters, some of them became iconic for their unique personalities, traits, and style. There are many quotable dialogues that the fans remember very well and never miss a chance to quote them. Vampire Diaries has now become a pop culture phenomenon, the show has even been referenced in numerous other shows. Even though it concluded in 2017, but the passion and love for this show is still alive in the hearts of the fans. The show has a unique language which is well understood only by the fans. The fans are pretty knowledgeable who ‘ship’ the characters, who know about the strengths and weaknesses of the different supernatural creatures.

So Take A Look At 6 Words That Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Can Understand


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A doppelganger means a double, a look-alike of a human being. It is said that there’s a chance that there exists a doppelganger of a human being, but there are slim chances of you running into your doppelganger. When it comes to Vampire Diaries, this word carries a different significance. Doppelgangers are the the beings known as the shadow versions which have been created by Nature after Silas & Amara became immortal beings. The doppelgangers have been responsible for the major events that took place in the Vampire Diaries history.

5 Things That Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Can Understand
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Nina Dobrev has played the role of four different characters namely Amara, Tatia, Katherine, and Elena. Amara is the immortal being whereas the other three characters are the doppelgangers. Nina holds the rare achievement of playing four different characters with entirely different personalities. The fans of the Vampire Diaries are so peculiar. They hate Elena Gilbert while they lovingly cheer for Katherine Pierce. Interestingly, Nina Dobrev played both the roles. Paul Wesley also played three different characters namely Silas, Stefan, and Tom.

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5 Things That Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Can Understand
The CW

The word Original means something that has existed right from the beginning. In TVD, the word ‘Originals’ can stimulate all sorts of emotions. The Originals are the first vampires from which all the other vampires came into existence. The term ‘Originals’ is mainly used in reference to the Mikaelson Family, but the term has also been extended to the other sub-types of Original Vampires such as Enhanced Original and Upgraded Original Vampire. The popularity of the Original Vampires led to the birth of the spin-off series titled ‘The Originals’.


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