6 Things That Supernatural Fans Shouldn’t Know About

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Very rare a show managed to complete their course without landing into any sort of trouble. The creators of a show are also humans and they are also bound to make mistakes. Through out the 15 Seasons of the show, numerous decisions and directions taken by writers & creators garnered plenty of criticism from the fans. Also some of the cast members have also been involved in scandalous things that Supernatural doesn’t want you to know.

So Take A Look At 6 Things That Supernatural Fans Shouldn’t Know About


6 Most Controversial Things About Supernatural
The CW

There have been several versions of Lucifer in the television and movies. Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer is undoubtedly one of the best Lucifer portrayals on the screen. His Lucifer is menacing and terrifying, you never know what he’d do the next moment. While the character of Lucifer is like the epitome of controversy, it looks like the actor took his role too seriously, and acted like Lucifer off-screen. Some of his tweets agitated the fandom who demanded the actor to be removed from the show. Some fans called him a bully who demeaned them. The tweets were removed from his handle, but many fans took the screenshot and it created plenty of headlines. Ultimately, the actor wasn’t removed from the show and appeared until the final season.

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6 Most Controversial Things About Supernatural

Supernatural has been long blamed for poorly treating the female characters. Even though the show introduced some really strong and independent female characters such as Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Kelly Kline, and numerous others. But all of them ended up meeting a tragic fate. Even though characters such as Rowena and Mary Winchester got their fair share of screen time, but the focus has always been on the men; Winchesters, Castiel, Crowley, Lucifer, and lots of other male characters. It’s surprising why the writers decided to write off the female characters, and even the ones who aren’t written off have not been utilized to their full potential such as Sheriff Jody.


6 Most Controversial Things About Supernatural
The CW

Jensen and Jared who played Dean and Sam Winchester have become close as real brothers due to the time they spent together on the show. When Jensen Ackles shared a story online announcing the prequel spin-off of the Supernatural titled ‘The Winchesters’, Jared reacted to the news, saying he was ‘bummed’ that he was completely unaware of the spin-off. He further said that he was gutted. However, the two actors had a great talk and sorted out the misunderstandings. Jensen and his wife, Danneel, would be managing the spin-off series which focuses on John and Mary Winchester. Dean Winchester would be the narrator of the story.


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