7 Richest Cast Members Of The Vampire Diaries And Their Net Worth

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Even though its been years since The Vampire Diaries aired its last episode, but the craze of the show still continues among the fans. With Netflix adding TVD and Originals to its library, the show still remains as popular as ever. TVD originally thought to be a rip-off of Twilight turned out to be something revolutionary in the Vampire genre. The show introduced various new concepts and explored the Vampire species in much detailed way than any other show. The show was based on the successful book series of the same name. But it took the creators and studio more than a decade to realize the books into a TV adaptation. But once the show aired on CW, it established all sorts of success milestones for the network and made the actors global household names.

So Take A Look At 7 Richest Cast Members Of The Vampire Diaries And Their Net Worth

7. KAYLA EWELL ($3 Million)

The CW

Even though Kayla’s character was killed off soon in the first season, but her impact in the TVD storyline is pretty significant. Her character Vicki Donovan kept making appearances throughout the Vampire Diaries. In TVD Season 1, she made around $30,000 per episode. The actress is best known for her role of Caitlin Ramirez in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. Apart from it, she has made cameos and small appearances in shows such as Bones, Entourage. CSI, House, Lucifer, Batwoman, and lot more.

6. MICHAEL TREVINO ($4 Million)

The CW

Michael Trevino started his career with Disney’s Cow Belles. He would go on to make guest appearances on shows such as Bones, Without a Trace, The Mentalist, and Cold case. The actor also played a small role in the hit show Charmed. His career changing role came when he was cast as Tyler Lockwood in TVD. A role that he reprised in two episodes of TVD Spin-off ‘The Originals’. The actor made around $15-20,000 per TVD episode.

5. KAT GRAHAM ($3-5 Million)

The CW

Kat Graham is multi-talented, she is an actor, dancer, singer, and also a model. She has released two studio albums that were big hit. She has made cameos and guest appearances in hit shows such as Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, The OC, CSI, and lot more. Her biggest career role came when she was cast as the witch Bonnie Bennett in the Vampire Diaries. The actress made around $35,000 per TVD episode.

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4. CANDICE KING ($4 Million)

The CW

Candice King is not just an actress, but also a talented singer and song writer. She was a part of Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds Tour. Candice’s acting started with her small appearances in popular shows such as Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Drop Dead Diva, and many others. But the biggest break came when she was cast in the Vampire Diaries as Caroline Forbes. A role that she reprised in TVD’s spin-offs Originals and Legacies. Her exact per TVD episode earnings is unclear, but it is estimated she made somewhere around $25000-$35000 per episode.


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