Do You Belong On The Southside Or Northside Of Riverdale?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The town of Riverdaleis founded by General Augustus Pickens in 1941 with the help of Barnabas B Blossom who financially assisted him. Riverdale is divided into the north side and the south side. The Northside is inhabited by the rich, it is a prosperous and lively area. Here the crimes are also low. Whereas the Southside portion of the town is occupied by the poor, it is a rough and tough place. The crime rates in the Southside portion of the town is pretty high. This area is also the home of many criminal gangs such as the Ghoulies and Southside Serpents who make their living by engaging in illegal activities such as drug trafficking.

Do You Belong On The Southside Or Northside Of Riverdale?

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The people of the South side are looked down and frowned upon by the people of the North side because of the way they live their lives. Northside people generally accuse the Southsiders of being involved in all the criminal activities which take place on the North Side. But the people of both the sides try to mind their own business and keep their noses out of the matters of each other.

Relations between both the sides became strained when the Black Hood started committing crimes targeting the North Side people only and the people of the Northside accused the Southside ones behind the Black Hood. However, once Black Hood’s reign of terror came to an end, the peace was restored between both the sides of the town.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out If You Belong On The Southside Or Northside Of Riverdale?

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