Find Out Which Villain From Lucifer Are You?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. The show Lucifer has numerous villains who made things hard for our beloved characters. Perhaps the most dangerous Lucifer Villain is Father Kinley who was the main antagonist of Season 4. He persuaded Chloe to join his cause of sending the devil back to hell. Chloe who was in a shock after finding out the true identity of Lucifer didn’t use her mind to reason and was blinded by the lies of Kinley.

Find Out Which Villain From Lucifer Are You?

Can You Survive In The World Of ‘LUCIFER’?

Kinley made her believe that Lucifer is the one responsible for all the horrible things that has happened in the history of mankind due to his presence on Earth. Chloe, therefore, starts believing that Lucifer is evil and goes with Kinley’s plan to drug him and then exorcism him. But Chloe then realizes that she makes Lucifer vulnerable and he is not the evil devil, he is actually good. Kinley didn’t give up, he takes a different approach and tries manipulating the Lucifer. He tells him that Chloe is planning to send him back to hell using the help of a priest. Later on, he decides to kill Eve in order to prevent the prophecy, but Eve kills him, sends him to hell, where he is possessed by Dromos.


Another bad guy from the show is Cain AKA Marcus Pierce who was the LAPD Lieutenant, but his secret identity was Cain, the world’s first killer. He was cursed with immortality and was looking for a way to find a cure to it. He was also the real sinnerman, a criminal mastermind who troubled Lucifer.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Find Out Which Villain From Lucifer Are You?

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