Hardest Supernatural Season 1 Quiz To Test Your Fan Knowledge

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural is not simply a horror show, but it is a unique blend of drama, action, and fantasy. Supernatural Season 1 marks the beginning of an epic journey. The season revolves around two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester who travel in their cool Impala across the country while hunting ghosts, monsters, and all sorts of creepy beings. The two blood brothers were separated after the younger brother Sam Winchester decided to escape the hunting live a normal life. But he is pulled back into his old life when his brother Dean comes asking for his help in locating for their missing father. The two brothers join forces to find their missing dad, John Winchester, who is a skilled hunter and taught boys all they know about the Supernatural World.

Hardest Supernatural Season 1 Quiz To Test Your Fan Knowledge
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Although the boys possess a decent understanding of the Supernatural world, but they utilize their father’s journal which contains enormous knowledge about the Supernatural beings. They use it to navigate forward and in effectively dealing with different scary creatures. However, along the journey, they uncover their family’s mysterious past and learn about the existence of a dark entity which orchestrated tragedies in their lives.

Hardest Supernatural Season 1 Quiz To Test Your Fan Knowledge


Eventually, they come across the yellow eyed demon Azazel who caused the demise of their mother Mary and forced John to take up the hunting path to avenge his wife. Season 1 of Supernatural has numerous fascinating facts associated with it. Eric Kripke got his inspiration for Supernatural from the various folklore and urban legends that left an impact on him. Even the pilot episode featured the popular urban legend of the ‘Woman in White’. Also, the earlier seasons especially Season 1 of the show relied more on practical effects rather than on CGI & VFX in creating Supernatural beings and eerie atmosphere.


Did you know that the finale of Season 1 didn’t feature the iconic ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ which has become the official anthem of the show. The song ‘Fight The Good Fight’ was used whereas Carry On was used in the Episode 21. Apart from the Woman in the White, the show also featured the popular urban legends of Scarecrow, Hook Man, and lot more. Although the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the role of John Winchester appears in only a handful of episodes, but his impact on the story is far greater. So do let us know what is your favorite episode from Season 1.

So Take The Hardest Supernatural Season 1 Quiz And Test Your Fan Knowledge

Hardest Supernatural Season 1 Quiz

So you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan of the Winchester brothers and their supernatural adventures? Then it is time to put your knowledge to test with our hardest Supernatural Season 1 quiz and see if you've got what it takes to be called a die-hard Supernatural fan.

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