How Well Do You Know Bughead From Riverdale?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Bughead is the name given to the romantic relationship between Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper. This relationship started as a friendship long before the Riverdale show started, but it soon progressed into a romantic relationship. Jughead and BEtty confessed their love for each other soon after the Jubilee and they did make out.

How Well Do You Know Bughead From Riverdale?

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Things took an interesting turn when the Riverdale villain Black Hood forced Betty to stay away from Jughead and break up with him. If she doesn’t do that then he’ll kill Jughead. Betty loves Jughead a lot and she couldn’t come to terms with breaking up with Juggy and therefore she asked Archie to do it. Archie told Jughead that Betty doesn’t want to see him anymore and wants a break up. Jughead thought that this is because Betty wants to see him going down a bad path, but little did he knew that Betty was doing it to protect her love.

In Chapter 19 of Riverdale, Betty came clean and told Jughead everything and the couple reconciled. But things again took a bad turn when Jughead was put in a position to break up with Betty because he realized that being a member of Southside Serpents and being together with Betty will only put her in danger.

How Well Do You Know Bughead From Riverdale?

Are you team Bughead? We hope you're team Bughead because this quiz is made for the fans of Betty and Jughead. If you think you're a hardcore fan then go ahead and prove it by taking the quiz.

Also guys, we would like to know what’s your favorite Bughead moment and where do you rank them among the couples on Riverdale? Don’t forget to share this quiz with your Riverdale friends.

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