The Most Difficult Castiel Quiz From Supernatural That Might Not Let You Score 100%

Welcome back to Humor Nation. We first saw Castiel making his appearance in the season 4 of Supernatural. He is the angel of the lord who rescued Dean Winchester from Hell. He was tasked with the responsibility of preventing Lilith, the first demon from breaking the 66 seals which would release Lucifer from the cage in which he is locked in hell. But when he came to know that the angels weren’t really into preventing and wished to free Lucifer so that he could fight archangel Michael and the apocalypse could happen. He revolted against the angels and helped Sam and Dean Winchester in their fight to stop the Lilith. He even sacrificed himself in the process.

How Well Do You Know Castiel From Supernatural?

How Well Do You Know Baby From Supernatural?

Castiel was then resurrected by the God and he then joined the Winchesters, helping them in stopping the apocalypse, and also preventing the Winchester brothers from becoming the vessels of archangels Lucifer and Michael. Ultimately with his help, the Winchesters managed to avert the apocalypse. Michael got trapped along with Lucifer in the cage in hell. Castiel was again resurrected as Seraph who then went to heaven and started a civil war against Raphael who was planning to restart the apocalypse.

How Well Do You Know Castiel From Supernatural?

He then teams up with Crowley in order to stop Raphael from starting the apocalypse. But he ends up betraying Crowley and absorbs all the souls which makes him a god. These new powers distort his mind and lead him to do many bad acts. It later turns out that those were Leviathans were also included in the souls that he absorbed from the purgatory.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Castiel From Supernatural?

How Well Do You Know Castiel From Supernatural?

He is the angel of the lord, the celestial being who became a brother to the Winchesters and fought alongside them against all kinds of evils.

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