How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester’s Taste In Movies And TV?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sam and Dean Winchester never shy from using fake aliases, from movie stars to 80s rock bands, Supernatural has featured plenty of pop culture references. The show Supernatural follows the tale of two brothers as they hunt monsters and ghosts all across America in their Impala. These two paranormal hunters aren’t afraid of using fake FBI badges in order to aid their investigation. From credit card frauds to crooked FBI badges, the Winchesters have gone through plenty of fake names in their job.

How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester's Taste In Movies And TV?

How Much Do You Know About The Impala From Supernatural?

Supernatural has featured plenty of references to the rock bands. For example, Dean uses the name John Bonham who is the drummer of the legendary band Led Zeppelin. He has also used the name Dr. James Hetfield which was a reference to the guitarist of the rock band Metallica. We have seen him using the name ‘Ozzy’ which was a tribute to the singer Ozzy Osbourne. Not only music, but the show has also made references to many TV shows and movies. In season 3, the brothers use the names Raimi and Campbell which was a nod to the actor Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi of the Evil Dead franchise.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester’s Taste In Movies And TV?

So how much did you manage to score on this Dean Winchester quiz? Also, we would like to know what do you like the most about Dean Winchester? Do share this quiz with your fellow Supernatural fans.
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