How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?

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Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. I know it sucks to be kept waiting for the next season of your favorite show. And when your favorite show has ended, it’s pretty hard to move on. It’s easy to re-watch the favorite episodes of a TV series than to move on. The Vampire Diaries is no exception to this. TVD fans have their list of favorite episodes that they can watch again and again..and again, and never get bored. What’s your favorite TVD episode? Let us know in the comments.


How Well Do You Remember The Last Words Of The Vampires In TVD Universe?

One of the best TVD episodes is Season 3 Finale ‘The Departed’. This episode got a 9.5 rating from IMDB which is the highest of all the finale episodes. Even the fans of the show believe that the first four seasons were the best seasons of the show. The death of the Elena Gilbert came as a shock, a main character who had to die. Along with the death of Elena came the passing of Alaric as he was attached to her life. Stefan tried his best to save Elena but she asked Stefan to save Matt first in the drowning car. It was quite an epic episode.

How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?
Source: CW

The final TVD episode was ‘I was Feeling Epic’, the finale of Season 8. This was the last episode of the show and that is the reason it got the second-highest rating. This episode made us all cry as our dear Stefan sacrificed his life to save his brother Damon from the hellfire. Stefan saved the town from Katherine one last time and lost his life. Surely a memorable yet heartbreaking episode.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?

How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?

8 Seasons, 171 Episodes, countless moments and memories. This TVD quiz will check how well do you remember the episodes from TVD.

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