How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?

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Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries took us on a roller-coaster ride, spanning over 171 episodes full of all sorts of emotions. The show premiered in 2009 and it concluded in 2017. While everyone has their personal favorite episode of the Vampire Diaries, we have tried looking at the critically acclaimed episodes of the TVD from an objective point of view.


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One of the best objective measures to judge a show or a movie is to look at its IMDB rating. The Season 3 finale of the Vampire Diaries titled ‘The Departed’ is the highly rated IDMB episode. There was lot at stake in the finale episode, Klaus is neutralized and the Enhanced Original Alaric is hunting for him. The safety of Klaus is essential to everyone because Damon, Stefan, Katherine, and Caroline are all part of his sireline so if he dies, all these vampires would cease to exist. Elena is in a dilemma, confused about which Salvatore brother to choose, she eventually chooses Stefan. We see plenty of flashbacks in this episode. We also discover that Damon was the first to cross paths with Elena on an isolated road. Rebekah learning that Klaus is dead, she causes the accident of Elena’s car over the same bridge where her parents died. Stefan manages to rescue Matt, but Elena dies. But there’s a twist, she dies with vampire’s blood and awakens in transformation.

How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?
The CW

It’s no surprise that the second highest rated episode is the TVD finale which concludes the entire saga of this epic series. The finale episode was simply emotional as we had to say goodbye to our beloved characters. The finale had its bittersweet moments, while we the death of Stefan broke our hearts, but we were glad to see the happiness the characters found in the afterlife. We also saw cameos from the dead characters such as Tyler, Vicki, Enzo.

How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?
The CW

Another amazing episode is the Founder’s Day, the season 1 finale which featured the celebration of the event of Founder’s Day in Mystic Falls. John Gilbert has an evil plan to kill all the vampires using the Gilbert Device. It’s up to our heroes to save the day and foil the plan. This episode also marked the first present day appearance of Katherine Pierce.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?

How Well Do You Know The Episode Titles Of TVD?

8 Seasons, 171 Episodes, countless moments and memories. This TVD quiz will check how well do you remember the episodes from TVD.

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