How Well Do You Maze From Lucifer? For True Mazikeen Fans


Welcome to Humor Nation. We first met Mazikeen in season 1 where we saw her playing the role of a bartender at Lucifer’ LUX. She left hell with Lucifer, initially, we thought of her as a wing-woman, but over the course of three seasons, Maze has become her own person. Now she works as a bounty hunter for the LAPD! Lucifer described Maze as the most skilled and brutal torturer that Hell’s ever known, but as the storyline progresses, we also got to see her soft and delicate side.

How Well Do You Maze From Lucifer? For True Mazikeen Fans

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 4?

Through our knowledge of the Supernatural shows, it is a biblical fact that demons don’t have a reputation of not being too nice. And Maze is no exception, she’s mean and can badass. But she is extremely loyal to Lucifer. She has risked her life countless times to protect Lucifer from danger and also took care of him.

How Well Do You Maze From Lucifer? For True Mazikeen Fans

Later on, Maze took up the job of Bounty Hunting because she likes action and it’s fun getting paid for that. She is extremely good at using all kinds of weapons and hand to hand combat. She is superior to any human. Mazikeen cannot be killed by any ordinary means, she also doesn’t age and has been around for millions of years. Also, she doesn’t have a soul, so when a demon dies, they just get removed from existence.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Maze From Lucifer?

How Well Do You Maze From Lucifer?

Just how much do you know about the “Hell’s most brutal torturer”. Check your knowledge!

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