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She is best known for her work on the Disney’s hit ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’, but Supernatural fandom knows her as Sheriff Jody Mills. Kim Rhodes shared the story of about her audition process was pretty intense. The audition process involved the scene where Jody’s zombie son has returned and is consuming her husband. There were numerous actresses who have come to audition for the role. At that time the writers didn’t have a specific idea for the character as what they want Jody Mills to look like and therefore the actresses who came for the role were pretty diverse. Kim revealed about how after learning the scene, other actresses were surprised and didn’t give the vibe that they could go further with the scene. Whereas Kim knew what she had to do and fully committed to the situation given to her. Eventually, through her sheer performance, she ended up getting the part.

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Jared Padalecki talked about his experiences when he was approached with the idea of playing a role on the Supernatural. It was the time Charmed, Buffy, and Angel were on. Initially, Jared felt that it wasn’t the show that he wanted to do in his career at that point of time as he was looking for something more real and gritty. He was then told that this show wouldn’t be like the ones with the goofy aspects of the science fiction, it would be gritty like the X-Files which then attracted the attention of the actor. As he read about the show further, he became convinced that it’s something refreshing and felt like going after it.

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As the audition process can be pretty anxiety inducing and Jared walked into the audition expecting all the familiar faces showing up there to bag the role. Every person who he has seen on the TV show would be auditioning for the pilot episode. But he found only one person showing up for the audition process, it was Jensen Ackles. Jensen introduced himself to Jared, telling him that he has worked on Days of our Lives and Smallville. Soon their conversation started flowing as they found similarities such as both are from Texas, both love Cowboys, and enjoy the Country Music. Soon they would find themselves reading for the first time ever in front of the 30 executives and Network people. What happened next is history as these two would go on to become global stars due to their performances on Supernatural.

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