Interesting Things About The Vampires In TVD Universe!


The CW

Vampires have been been featured in numerous shows and movies. However, every depiction of Vampire has been quite different, following a different lore. Certain strengths and weaknesses of the vampires that have been depicted in different shows and movies are quite similar.

  • A popular weakness is that a vampire cannot enter the house without being invited by the owner of the house. If the owner is available then even the long distant relatives can offer the invitation. TVD explained that it’s because of a Supernatural law which disallows the Vampires from entering into the houses of others.
  • Then there’s the mirror myth where the vampires are unable to see their reflection in the mirror. While numerous vampire movies such as Dracula Untold featured such absence of reflection, TVD took a different path where the vampires are able to see their reflection.
  • Another stereotype about the Vampires is they are extremely attractive and mysterious. This has been depicted in various novels and shows. TVD also took this path by depicting very handsome and pretty vampires.
  • Perhaps the most myth is that Vampires are vulnerable to the religious symbols, mantras, chants can harm a vampire. The most popular symbol being the cross which makes a vampire tremble in fear. This is because the Vampires in various medias were written as the unholy creatures whereas in TVD they were humans who became Vampires due to magic.
Interesting Things About The Vampires In TVD Universe!
The CW
  • Another popular belief is that Vampires burn under the sun. TVD is no different. However, TVD explained the logic why vampires burn under the sunlight. It is because Esther used Sun in her Originals Creation Spell which also became a weakness.
  • Various other medias such as comics, shows, and movies featured Vampires having the ability to shapeshift into a bat or some other creature such as the wolf. While TVD also featured the shapeshifting abilities in the beginning when Damon Salvatore displayed his abilities to conjure fog and transform into crow, but to budget constraints and the abilities deemed to be ‘too Supernatural’, the idea was later dropped.
  • While shows such as Supernatural depicted Vampires having multiple fangs whereas TVD Vampires have simple, aesthetically pleasing fangs. Also, in some depictions the Vampires have their fangs ON all the time whereas in TVD & Supernatural, they can retract their fangs at their will.


Interesting Things About The Vampires In TVD Universe!
The CW

It’s an established fact that the older a Vampire, the more powerful they will be. Newly became vampires are comparatively weak to an old sired one. Similar to humans, where the physical and cognitive skills and abilities get better with age. Vampires also grow stronger with the age. For example, the first Sired, Lucien, Aurora and Tristan are far more stronger than the normal vampires because of being close to 1000 years old. Another example is Hayley’s burning in the sunlight, she burned instantly as her werewolf side was bounded, and she was comparatively a weaker and newer vampire. Whereas we have seen Damon standing in the sunlight and not burning instantly. This could be contributed to his age, attitude, and control over himself. However, there have been some inconsistencies such as Elena getting the better of Katherine in a fight. Similarly, Caroline who is a newly turned vampire managed to throw Damon around the room with ease.

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