Nina Dobrev Joining The Cast Of Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. While TVD fans will always remember Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert even though she has been a part of numerous projects, but TVD will be her career highlight. The actress’ latest movie titled Love Hard which is a romantic comedy released on Netflix has been a hit. The movie focuses on a young woman who finds out that she has been catfished by a man after she travels to his hometown.

Nina Dobrev Joining The Cast Of Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4?
The CW

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Nina Dobrev Joining The Cast Of Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4?
The CW

After the success of this Netflix project, it looks like the actress might be a part of the Season 4 cast of the popular Netflix original Stranger Things. The speculations started when the actress shared a picture on Instagram in which she could be seen standing at the set of Hawkins High School which has been instrumental in every Stranger Things Seasons. Even though Netflix has not officially confirmed that Nina is a part of the upcoming season. Maybe the streaming network might keep it close to the heart, or will announce it once the entire cast members for Season 4 has joined the project.

The CW

Nina Dobrev is a household name globally, the TVD fame actress has millions of social media followers. If a big name such as hers joins Stranger Things then it would attract a whole new segment of audiences. And it would have been more logical for Netflix to annouce it by now to build the hype to the next level. As of now, everyone on the internet is speculating whether the actress has really joined Stranger Things or maybe she could be around the set and decided to click a snap in front of the Hawkins High School. We will just have to wait and see how it plays out. If the actress has really joined the cast then we could hear Netflix making the announcement pretty soon.

Netflix has not officially announced the joining of Nina Dobrev to Season 4 of Stranger Things. Right now it’s just speculations circulating after Nina Dobrev posted a picture on Instagram. It could be because she was in the neighborhood of the sets. Or she could have joined the cast, but Netflix is keeping it a secret, waiting for the right moment to announce.



Netflix has announced that the fourth season of the show will be released sometime during mid-2022. Season 4 will consist of 9 episodes. The Duffer Brothers who are the show creators revealed that Hopper is alive and he will return, but he is imprisoned in the Russian captivity. Meanwhile there’s a new danger looming back in the Hawkins.

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