No Fan Could Identify 100% Of These TVD Universe Characters Correctly

Welcome to Humor Nation. TVD is a show which became immensely popular with the teens. The show features a number of different supernatural beings, such as the witches, the werewolves, and the vampires, also there are some hybrids. TVD has a total of eight seasons, the story takes place in Mystic Falls, it is actually a small town that seems to be a hub for magical people. For the most part, we see that normal humans are unaware of the existence of supernatural beings. But there are some humans who have taken an oath to rid the world of vampires, witches, and werewolves- that, of course, would be the Founder’s Council.

No Fan Could Identify 100% Of These TVD Universe Characters Correctly

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The central female protagonist of the show is a human girl named Elena, who discovers over time that she’s a special kind of being: she is actually a doppelgänger. She and several others who came before her are in fact descendants of the first immortal woman named Amara. The doppelgänger who came before her was Katherine, or Katerina, but Katherine traded her doppelgänger status by choosing to become a vampire.

It’s evident with all of the different types of species of characters on the show that there is a ton of stuff to manage track of over the seasons. Some transform from being a werewolf to a hybrid, some who were humans initially ended up becoming vampires later in the seasons. Also, there are constantly new enemies, villains being introduced ranging from Travelers to Immortals to Heretics.

So Take The Quiz In Which No Fan Could Identify 100% Of The TVD Universe Characters Correctly

So did you manage to identify all the faces correctly in the quiz? If not, then you need to rewatch TVD again to enhance your knowledge. Don’t forget to share this quiz with your pals.
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  1. Okay the last answer is Liv Parker and I have no idea why it showed wrong. Please whoever did those quiz to look up the show again 🙄😉

  2. Last one is Liv Parker, played by Penelope Mitchell. Liv is the right answer. The only reason “no fan will get 100%” Is because you rigged it. Absolutely trash!


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