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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Jared Padalecki portrayed the character of Sam Winchester which is one of the two main characters of Supernatural. It is pretty complex character with various aspects that deserve an attention. In order to better understand this character and his motivations, we have to look into the key aspects of this character. Sam Winchester always wanted a normal life, away from all the Supernatural beings and drama, but his destiny had different plans. Despite his personal wishes, he always sacrificed his desires and aspirations for the greater good which was his family. Even after he ran away from his family and got enrolled in a law course with a lovely girlfriend living with him. When his brother Dean showed up at his door seeking his help to locate their missing father, Sam could have easily turned him down, but he chose to assist his brother. He stepped back into the hunter’s shoes to help out his brother.

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Compared to his brother Dean, Sam is far more intelligent and possesses an inquisitive nature, with a desire to attain knowledge and understand the mechanism of things. This also helps him greatly in coming up with solutions for his problems. Sam was predetermined to the vessel of Lucifer and no matter how hard he tried to rebel against the destiny, he was eventually forced to consent to be Lucifer’s vessel. This again reflects the central theme of free will vs fate in the Supernatural universe.


Only A True Dean Winchester Fan Can Complete These Quotes

In the earlier seasons, we saw how Azazel planned a demonic army to assist Lucifer in the celestial war once Lucifer breaks free of the captivity of hell. Azazel planned for Sam Winchester to lead this army and as a result of the influence of Azazel, Sam had developed psychic abilities which granted him the power of premonitions and even exorcise the demons from a human vessel using his mind. All this played a significant role when Dean returned back from Hell in Season 4 and learned about Sam’s alliance with the demon Ruby who helped Sam in controlling and amplifying his psychic abilities.

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Sam also possesses a strong moral compass which is evident from his decision making. There have been several instances in Supernatural where he encountered a conflict and made the right decision which were also the tough ones to make. Such as when Dean was gone to purgatory, Sam tried to keep on living his life without the futile search of Dean. Also, in the finale, when Dean met his tragic fate, Sam told him that he doesn’t want to live without him, but Dean insisted him to continue living on his life, and Sam did that. He went on to live his life, start a family, and eventually honor Dean by naming his son as Dean Winchester Jr.

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So Take This Quiz And See If You Are Able To Complete These Iconic Quotes of Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester Quotes Quiz

Sam Winchester is one of the iconic characters from the hit CW's Supernatural. He is known for his charming good looks and a curious intellect. How well do you know the lines that define the character of Sam Winchester. Take this quiz and find out.

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