Some Interesting Facts About ‘The Originals’ And ‘The Vampire Diaries’


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Did you know Paul Wesley originally auditioned for the role of Damon Salvatore, but eventually landed up with the role of Stefan Salvatore. He had to go through a rigorous process to be finalized as Stefan. Interestingly, the character of Klaus Mikaelson also has several interesting trivia related to it. Did you know the casting of Klaus Mikaelson also took long and since no actor was cast in the role of Klaus, therefore they had to come up with a character of Elijah to keep the story progressing. Originally, it was planned Klaus Mikaelson would meet his demise in the earlier seasons, but as the character received a positive response from the fans, Plec and team decided to keep her around. Eventually Klaus became the founding pillar of the Originals. Klaus isn’t the only character who changed his father.

The CW

Josh Rosza, played by Steven Krueger was also supposed to be written off in Season 1 of the Originals, but the writers had disagreement over the decision, and the character stayed until Season 5. Charles Michael Davis who played Marcel on the Originals tried his best to get a role on the Vampire Diaries, he auditioned several times, around five times for a role in TVD, but didn’t manage to get an opportunity. Eventually, a friend of his who was a unit producer informed him of an opportunity on the TVD’s spin-off where he was cast as Marcel. Nina Dobrev also had to go through a second audition to get the role of Elena Gilbert as she flunked her first audition due to having a cold.


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Did you know the Originals was the first spin-off of the CW Network. It was a risky move for the CW Network, but it took the gamble and it paid off. Eventually the success and reception of Originals convinced the network that the spin-off formula can work. When Originals began airing, CW came up with the plan of the Flash, a spin-off of the Arrow set in the Arrowverse. Eventually, the Arrowverse would change the CW Network forever as it exapanded the universe with adding shows such as Supergirl, Batwoman, and several other shows. The spin-off would become the strength of the network and it was made possible only due to the success of Originals.


The CW

Now hold on for a minute. Try forgetting all the Supernatural drama and let’s talk about the romance that was made possible due to the Vampire Diaries Universe. Did you know Joseph Morgan who played Klaus Mikaelson found himself in a love story with Persia White who portrayed the role of Abbey Bennett, mother of Bonnie in the Vampire Diaries. Joseph and Persia dated for three years and got married in 2014. Joseph would adopt Persia’s daughter Mecca. Did you know Joseph has directed a short film called ‘Revelations’ which has been written by him and Persia, and it stars Persia in the lead role as a woman who finds herself trapped in a post apocalyptic scenario.

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