Supernatural Hell Hierarchy: Ranking The Demons According To Their Stature

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The first realm that we were introduced to pretty early on the Supernatural was Hell. It’s the underground world where humans who have committed wrong acts or made deals with the demons end up. Their souls are tortured, stripping away their humanity, and transforming them into something demonic. Demons are created through the corruption and manipulation of a human soul. Throughout the show, we have been introduced to various kinds of demons. Still there’s a confusion among the fans as to which kind of demon is the strongest, is a Knight of Hell same as Prince of Hell?

So Take A Look At The Hierarchy Of Hell And How The Demons Are Ranked


Supernatural Hell Hierarchy: Ranking The Demons According To Their Stature
The CW

At the top of the Hell Hierarchy is Lucifer. The first fallen archangel who rebelled against the God. He created demons who could fight battle for him against the angels and order of heaven. While the rightful claim to the position of King of Hell belongs to Lucifer. He is the most powerful among all the demons and creatures of the underground. But interestingly, the position of the King of Hell has been held by numerous others too. When Lucifer was in the captivity, Azazel served as the King of Hell doing the bidding of Lucifer. With Azazel’s demise, Lilith was in charge, then Crowley seized the opportunity and claimed the throne. For a brief amount of time Abaddon held the position until Crowley got it back. With the death of Crowley and Lucifer being trapped in AU, Prince of Hell Asmodeus took over the reins. The final ruler of Hell is the witch Rowena who has made numerous changes to the realm.


The CW

Then we have the White-Eyed demons. In the terms of military, they are the second-in-command. There are only two white-eyed demons namely Alastair and Lilith. Only Lucifer is stronger than the Supreme demons of Hell. It became clear in Season 3 that Lilith was the oldest and she held a higher position than Azazel. She is the first demon created by Lucifer who personally shaped her being by twisting a soul in order to get back at his father God. While Alastair is the second oldest demon and he is also known to be created by the devil himself. Alastair is infamous for his torturous punishments and inhumanity. The White-Eyed Demons are also known as the Demon Chiefs of Staff. They are the most powerful demons who can easily defeat normal angels and are also devoid of normal demon weaknesses.


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