The Originals: 5 Saddest Moments That Made Us Cry

2. Elijah And Klaus’ Death

The Originals: 5 Saddest Moments That Made Us Cry

When Klaus first showed up on TVD everyone wanted him dead. Fast forward to this scene, his death probably hit the most. This scene is the true definition of Mikaelson’s vow ‘Always and Forever’. Elijah didn’t have to die, he could have continued living without his brother. But his bond with Klaus was so special that he couldn’t have found peace in a life without his brother. Klaus redeeming himself from his monstrous past, protecting her most beloved treasure Hope from the dark Hollow magic and saving the world. Elijah staying loyal to his brother, supporting him right till the end.

1. Klaus Says Goodbye To Hope And His Family

Most of the people don’t realize that the Originals wasn’t about romance. Surely there were many relationships over the course of five seasons such as Klaus and Camille. But the main theme has always been about family sticking together for each other. One of the most important relationships of the show is of Klaus and Hope. It’s the conception of Hope which became the premise of the Originals that Klaus would do anything to protect her daughter and his family. No matter what Klaus did, his end goal has always been to keep Hope safe. In that way, the finale gives us a proper closure that Klaus sees his daughter safe and sacrifices himself to finally end the one big threat which could harm Hope. Klaus confessing that it was the loyalty, love, and trust of his family that kept him alive.

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