Toughest Salvatores Quiz That Even Elena And Katherine Would Fail

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Even though the last episode of TVD aired in 2017, but the show still remains popular and well loved by its loyal fans. The show spawned two spin-offs in the form of ‘The Originals’ which focuses on the Mikaelsons who try to reclaim the city which they once built. And then there’s Legacies which focuses mainly on the character of Hope Mikaelson, daughter of the Original Hybrid Klaus and the werewolf Hayley. But for some of the fans, none of the two spin-offs come closer to their predecessor TVD. The Vampire Diaries featured many memorable characters and captivating story-lines. Perhaps the two most popular and iconic characters from the show are the Salvatores, Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

Toughest Salvatores Quiz That Even Elena And Katherine Would Fail
The CW

Can You Recognize These Characters From ‘The Originals’ By Their Voices?

The two brothers are actually two centuries old vampires who share a long history together. In the first couple of seasons, the story revolved around the three main characters in the form of Elena, Damon, and Stefan, but after Nina Dobrev left the show, the focus shifted mainly on the brothers. The relationship between the brothers have changed over the time. They were best friends at a time, then they became enemies, and finally reconnected and became loving brothers again.

Toughest Salvatores Quiz That Even Elena And Katherine Would Fail
The CW

Their relationship improved over the course of Season 5, they got along pretty well as brothers, and shared many intimate moments together. The brothers never shied away from sacrificing their lives for each other. TVD fans refer to their bromance as ‘Defan’.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Salvatores?

Toughest Salvatores Quiz That Even Elena And Katherine Would Fail

TVD ran for a period of 8 years and during that period 171 episodes were aired. So it's pretty hard to keep all the affairs of our beloved Salvatores in order, especially now, years after the show has ended. But a true TVD fan would remember everything about Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

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  1. Ok. Whoever wrote this quiz needs serious help. First it was Stefan who was involved with Katherine first. Then to ask who wasn’t involved with both yet give 4 answers that have all slept with both is ludicrous.

    • It said romantic relationship and Stefan dated rebekah caroline Elena and katherine while damon had a relationship with all except rebekah

  2. Whomever created this quiz needs help. Stefan most definitely did not save Elena when she was young it was Damon ! And there wasn’t a third Salvatore brother that was their nephew.

    • Actually damon didn’t save elena. Stefan did when her parents car ran off the road. Damon did meet elena first, but erased her mind so that she didn’t remember anything about their meet and greet. And no. There was definitely not a third brother.

  3. There was a third salvatore brother for the people saying there was not. He was not mentioned but how else would they have a nephew if there was not a third salvatore brother?

  4. yes there was. he was an illegitimate son conceived by Giuseppe with one of the maids after lily “died”. he was unnamed, and that’s how Zach was their nephew. Because neither Stefan or Damon had a child. Almost, but not quite..


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