Unscripted Moments Of Supernatural That Made The Scenes Better

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural is a perfect blend of horror, drama with a pinch of humor. The show has numerous unforgettable moments which are a result of a brilliant storytelling. But did you know there are plenty of memorable moments which transcended the script. These unscripted moments on Supernatural brought a new dimension of authenticity to the show. From the unintentional foul usage of sign language by Jared’s character Sam while speaking to Eileen to Castiel’s German accent. Such unscripted moments displayed the spontaneity of the Supernatural cast to go with the flow and their chemistry in truly enjoying their work.

So Take A Look At Unscripted Moments Of Supernatural That Made The Scenes Better


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This is perhaps the greatest unscripted moment on Supernatural. Jensen singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with air drumming. In the episode ‘Yellow Fever,’ Dean suffers from a phobia of nearly everything, so he tries garnering some courage by listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ Originally, the scene was supposed to end there, but Jensen continued his performance, even lip-syncing to the lyrics and using his leg as the guitar. Everyone was having fun watching it, and as the cameras were rolling, it got recorded and eventually made its way into the episode.

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Season 13, Episode 10, titled ‘Wayward Sisters,’ witnessed Sam and Dean going missing, prompting Jody Mills & team to locate and rescue the Winchesters. While the episode primarily serves as a backdoor pilot to the spin-off, there’s an unscripted scene. When the boys find themselves trapped in an alternate universe confronted with monsters, they must do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means eating a lizard. There is a scene where Dean’s character goes back and picks up the lizard. Him picking up the cooked lizard after leaving it behind was improvised by Jensen Ackles as he believed this would resonate with the character of Dean, who always values food.


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  1. In episode 3.8 A Very Supernatural Christmas, when Sam says “Try the Eggnog, let me know if it needs some more kick”, the look on Dean’s face was because Jared had actually spiked the eggnog and Jensen was not expecting it.


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