Was It Stelena Or Delena? Only A True TVD Fan Will Remember

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. If you have seen The Vampire Diaries then you know the story basically revolves around the vampire Salvatore brothers and a young girl named Elena Gilbert. There’s a love triangle between the characters. The two major ships on the show are Delena and Stelena, every fan has a favorite out of the two. This also brings up the greatest debates among the fans: Delena Vs Stelena. While both the relationships bring forward an amazing love story between the characters.

Was It Stelena Or Delena? Only A True TVD Fan Will Remember
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Do You Remember The Last Line Of Your Favorite TVD Characters?

Right from the beginning, we saw that Stefan had respect for Elena and her choices. Stefan most of the time allowed Elena to make her choices, do what she thought was the best, and gave her space. Elena and Stefan have always been great friends, the communication between them have always been fantastic. Stefan never shied away from expressing his complicated emotions with Elena. Likewise, Elena also poured her heart to Stefan.

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Now talking about Delena, why they deserve to be the endgame. Well, first foremost the physical intimacy between the two was just off the charts. It was simply hot. No offense to Stefan, Stelena was fine. But Delena simply melted the screen when appeared together. Damon understood that everyone deserves to find their own happiness in their own way. It was Destiny that Stefan and Elena were to end up together. Like the doppelgangers of their bloodlines, they naturally became attracted to each other and everyone believed they would be together. But our choices can change our destiny, we all are given free will, and Elena proved this by choosing Damon.

So Take This Quiz And Answer If It Was Stelena Or Delena? Only A True TVD Fan Will Remember

Was It Stelena Or Delena? Only A True TVD Fan Will Remember

Think you know everything about Stelena and Delena? Take this quiz to put your knowledge to test.

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