Which Character From ‘The Originals’ Are You?

Welcome to Humor Nation. The Originals has plenty of interesting characters. The series is a spin-off of the popular supernatural drama TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’. It is set in the same universe as the Vampire Diaries. The show focuses around the Mikaelsons, the Originals who are the original vampires, the first of their kind. The main hero of the series is Klaus Mikaelson who is the first hybrid. He is the only werewolf-vampire in existence. In the Vampire Diaries, he showed in Mystic Falls as a villain and kidnaps Katerina. He even blackmails Stefan in helping him create more hybrids of Werewolf-vampire.

Which Character From 'The Originals' Are You? The Originals

Are You More Like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Or ‘The Originals’?

Speaking of interesting characters. Another amazing character was that of Cami. She was such a sweet character. And it’s a shame what she got because she didn’t deserve it. Cami wanted to remain pure by choosing not to become a vampire. However because Klaus loves her, she was turned into one. After becoming one, her emotions were all of over the place. And when she adjusted to it, she became the same old Cami.

Then there’s Kol Mikaelson whom we loved since the Vampire Diaries. A character with brilliant sarcasm and when he made his return to The Originals, it was just amazing. Another funny, brilliant, and sarcastic recurring character were Rebekah Mikaelson. What’s there to not love about Rebekah? Her loyalty and attitude towards her family makes her one of the most amazing characters on the show.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Character From ‘The Originals’ Are You?

So who is your favorite character from ‘The Originals’? Also, do share us the reason why you like that character. Don’t forget to share this quiz with your ‘TVD’ friends.
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