Which Group From The Originals Do You Belong Into?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Originals is centered around the family of the Mikaelsons, the Original Vampires who are the progenitors of the vampire race. They are extremely powerful and not to be messed with. There’s always a strength in the numbers and this is why if you were to go up against the Mikaelsons, you need an army. Luckily, there’s no shortage of factions and groups in New Orleans.

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One of the most powerful groups in Originals are the Ancestors. The term Ancestors is referred to the totality of all the witches of New Orleans who have consecrated in Earth. They spirits inhabit the Ancestral Plane and they provide the power to the entire witch community. In Season 1, one of the major storyline was ‘The Harvest’, a sacrifice ritual that is demanded by the Ancestors in every three centuries. Four witches are selected and they are sacrificed. The requirement is that the selected witches must have a firm faith and then only they could return back to life through their devotion. But if they lack faith, they would end up losing their life.

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Another important group in the Originals is the Faction. They are tasked with the responsibility of managing the peace and balance in the supernatural community. The members of the faction represent the four main species of the city: Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans. The Faction was created by Klaus when he arrived in New Orleans with his family. Later on, the faction was led by Father Kieran who established a new system and organization to run the city. This time the faction would run only by the humans, but that rule changed and the representatives of all species were welcomed.

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In the finale episode, Marcel decides to hand back the city to the humans. He orders all his vampires to leave the city and never come back. Whereas it’s unknown how many Crescent Werewolves are alive, with the deaths of Mary, Ansel, Jackson, and Hayley, they are left without any leader. Even though Hope is a royalty, from her mother side, she gets the membership of the Crescent pack and her father side grants her the membership of the North Atlantic Pack.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Group From The Originals Do You Belong Into?

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