Who Said it in ‘The Vampire Diaries’? Quiz For Real Fans!

Welcome to Humor Nation. The Mikaelson family is one of the powerful vampire families which started with Mikael and Esther. Mikael who was a Viking and a wealthy landowner in the country of Norway. His family was mortal, but when the couple lost their youngest child to a werewolf. Esther used magic to turn her remaining children and Mikael into Vampires. And thus the vampires descended from Mikael and his remaining children which are the Original vampires. The Originals are the most powerful supernatural beings.

However, the Mikaelson family also has hybrids and witches. Thus they acquired the super strength, speed, agility, quick healing, and such abilities and powers after turning into vampires.

Which 'The Vampire Diaries' Family Do You Belong To? Family

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Esther Mikaelson was the original witch, the mother of Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Henrik, Rebekah, Finn, and Freya. She was killed by Niklaus. She is also the one who placed the Hybrid curse on Klaus. It is believed that Klaus killed her after she cursed him.  Later in season 3, she was brought back by Bonnie and Abby, she pretended to reunite the family, but in reality, she wanted to kill all of them as she believed vampires were an abomination.

Vampire Diaries Family

Niklaus Mikaelson is the first original werewolf-vampire hybrid, conceived between Esther and the alpha werewolf named Ansel. Klaus, out of all the original vampires is the most feared and hated vampire. He is also the most powerful creature on the planet.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Character Said The Quote?

Which family would you like to be a part of and why so? Do comment on the reason below the article. So do you agree with the result? Do share this interesting ‘TVD’ quiz with your friends!

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