Why ‘Carry On’ Is Not The True Ending Of The Supernatural That Fans Deserved


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The Winchesters have battled the toughest of the toughest and emerged victorious. The final Season sees Winchesters battling Chuck (Merged with Amara), Chuck AKA God who is the narrator of the Winchesters’ story, but the boys again defy all fates when they defeat Chuck. Surely, this was an inevitable foe, omnipotent, omniscient, and what not. But Team Free Will put a stop to it. Either the Supernatural should have ended with ‘Inherit The Earth’, the fans wouldn’t be complaining. They could have compressed the entire ‘Carry On’ episode in 10 minutes and add it ‘Inherit The Earth’. Secondly, what makes a finale interesting? Something highly dramatic and involving higher stakes. If you see, numerous finales see beloved character sacrificing himself or meeting his demise in a memorable fashion. Surely, Dean’s departure and final moments with Sam broke our hearts and made our eyes teary. But it would have made more sense, had either Sam or Dean passed away like a hero, saving the world, taking down the big bad guy.


Why 'Carry On' Is Not The True Ending Of The Supernatural That Fans Deserved

Now it’s well known that the actors, writers, and showrunners went out of their way, risked their lives in shooting episodes during the pandemic only for the fans so they won’t have to wait for a year more. But in doing so, they had to compromise with plenty of aspects of production due to limited resources. One biggest limitation was the unavailability of different actors who due to restrictions and strict pandemic policies cannot travel to shoot for the scenes. This is the reason why they cannot get Misha Collins to appear in the final episode which is understandable, but unacceptable. The original plan was to feature numerous SPN characters from the past making brief cameos in the closing moments of the episode. part from Castiel, we don’t get to see Jack who over the time became a significant character. Nor do any of the ‘family’ of the Winchesters make any appearance such as John, Mary, Jody, Eileen, and other important characters.



It is said that an end is just a beginning disguised. Of course, every story needs a conclusion, a definite ending, but does Supernatural need an ending? It’s a love that has received immeasurable love over the years, this show has created a culture, a pop culture phenomenon that is prevalent all across the globe. If Jensen and Jared keep playing the same characters until they are in their 60s, I don’t think fans would complain. They would rather happily as much SPN they could get. But coming back to the characters of Sam and Dean, these two characters have been to heaven, hell, purgatory, and plenty of different realms. They have died and came back to the living. Of course, many fans would voice their opinion saying they deserve peace, but they be ever at peace? Say tomorrow some trouble comes calling in heaven, Sam and Dean would be the first ones to tie up their boots and will run into it without a second thought. It’s who they are! They are saviors, they are protectors, they are hunters. Nothing can ever change that, not even death.

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