5 Fascinating Behind The Scenes Facts Of The Vampire Diaries

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Making a television show isn’t a straightforward process, it is a complicated one. It involves numerous variables, the interplay of components that results in uncertainties. From the casting of the actors to the planned storylines, there is a lot that goes into the making of your favorite television series. While Vampire Diaries has featured plenty of drama on the screen in its eight seasons, there are, even more, crazier things that have happened beyond the screen that many fans aren’t aware of.

So Take A Look At 5 Fascinating Behind The Scenes Facts Of The Vampire DiariesĀ 


The CW

The cast played characters who are caught up in the crazy supernatural events that take place in Mystic Falls. But there are crazier things that have happened to the cast of the show. From the blossoming of love between the cast members such as Ian and Nina falling in love and entering into a relationship. Similarly, Paul Wesley dated Phoebe Tonkin, Zach Roerig dated Nathalie Kelly, and Joseph Morgan ended up marrying Persia White. Did you know that numerous actresses of TVD were arrested for ‘inappropriate’ behavior when they were participating in a photo shoot on the bridge. However, soon these actresses which included Nina, Candice, Kayla, Sara, and Krystal were released. Did you know that Paul and Ian has directed a couple of episodes of the Vampire Diaries, isn’t that fascinating? Also, some of the cast members originally auditioned for a different role than the one they portrayed.

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5 Fascinating Behind The Scenes Facts Of Vampire Diaries
The CW

While many think that all an actor has to do is ‘act’, there’s a whole lot that goes into their profession. They have to travel continuously to different locations to film, they compromise their lifestyle, nutrition, and health due to their commitment. Not only is there physical fatigue, but mental exhaustion also happens. Did you know Nina Dobrev who played Elena Gilbert suffered a concussion on the TVD set in 2012. The actress tweeted about the accident back then. She mentioned in her tweet as how she was still experiencing the side effects of the concussion that she got. The accident happened in Atlanta on the set of the show. Nina visited the medical facility to get the bump she received on the head checked. The actress was released on the same day after receiving the medical attention.


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