5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About John Winchester From Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The story of Supernatural starts when John Winchester goes missing. The elder son Dean Winchester goes to his younger brother who is studying law at Stanford seeking his help. Together the brothers gets pulled into the supernatural world where they face all sorts of monsters including demons. They reunite with their father who reveals to them about the demon Azazel who is responsible for the death of their mother and how there is only one weapon that could kill them, it’s the colt. In Season 14, Sam and Dean come across a treasure called Baozhu which would make any wish or desire come true. They plan to use to expel the archangel from Dean’s mind, but Dean wished for John, and it resulted in John Winchester from 2003 being transported to the present time. But because of John’s arrival, change in the timelines, everything starts being affected. John decides that he would go back in order to fix up everything. He shares a meal and conversation with his loved ones, and goes back to his time.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About John Winchester From Supernatural 


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About John Winchester From Supernatural
The CW

While John Winchester’s character didn’t last for a long time. He made appearances in the first season and met his tragic fate in the premiere episode of Season 2. His character would be featured in the form of flashbacks and then Jeffrey Dean returned for a special episode in Season 14. But John has been pretty integral to the story. In a way, he is the deserving force of the Supernatural. It was John who served as a major basis for the Season 5 story of the apocalypse. The strained relationship of the defiant Lucifer with God mirrored the troubled relationship of Sam Winchester and John whereas the relationship of obedient Michael and God resembled the relationship of Dean and John. This is the reason why Sam was meant to be the true vessel for Lucifer whereas Dean was supposed to be the vessel for Michael.

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5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About John Winchester From Supernatural
The CW

An interesting fact is that John Winchester has met his sons a couple of times before they even took birth. John first met Dean in the episode ‘In The Beginning’ where Dean travels back in time. He would meet both his sons Dean and Sam again in the Season 5 episode ‘The Song Remains The Same’ whereas the Winchesters travel back in time to prevent Anna from killing them. However, Michael erased the memories of Mary and John.


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