5 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Species In Vampire Diaries Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries introduced us to plenty of supernatural beings such as werewolves and vampires. Interestingly, a person could become a vampire whereas Lycanthropy or being a werewolf is something that can only be genetically inherited. One cannot become a werewolf just from a mere bite which is quite different from other TV shows where a human could be turned into a werewolf through a bite received at the hands of a werewolf. When it comes to Vampires, the show introduced us to another kind of vampire, the most superior ones, known as the Originals. From these Original Vampires, all other vampires originated. It is somewhat similar to the Alpha Vampires in Supernatural, except the Originals possess a variety of abilities and powers.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Species In Vampire Diaries Universe


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The witches played a significant role in the Vampire Diaries Universe. There are different sorts of witches, depending on the kind of magic they practice. But did you know there’s a kind of witch known as the Siphoner. A Siphoner witch has no magic of their own, but they have the ability to ‘siphon’ or channel the magic from other beings or sources. Gemini Coven considered the Siphoners to be the outcast. A Siphoner can become a hybrid (witch-vampire) as since they do not have the magic of their own, they tap into other sources. So even after becoming a vampire, they could siphon their vampirism to practice the magic. A Siphoner can also cure oneself from a werewolf bite which is a unique feat. One cannot just become a Siphon, it is something one has to be born with. For example, the Saltzman Twins are born Siphoners.

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5 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Species In Vampire Diaries Universe
The CW

Doppelgangers could be considered more than normal humans because of certain abilities they possess. Their blood contains magical properties and can be used in a variety of rituals. The blood of a doppelganger can be used in the linking and binding spells. It can also be used to undo certain spells. Esther used the blood of a Petrova Doppelganger the Original and Enhanced Original Vampire. The Travelers used the Magic Purification Spell which eliminated and reversed all the non-traditional or impure magic, the spell used the blood of the doppelgangers. Doppelgangers were created by the nature to maintain the balance when Silas and Amara became immortals. This species has now become extinct.


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