Sympathetic Ghosts In Supernatural That Made Our Eyes Teary

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Welcome to Humor Nation. During the course of its long fifteen seasons, the show Supernatural has presented numerous terrifying monsters and creatures. The show has featured various sorts of Supernatural species such as ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, and lot more. Throughout the show, Winchesters have hunted plenty of ghosts, they have been a crucial aspect of the SPN story. Even the main characters have turned into ghosts at some point. While majority of the ghosts in Supernatural are downright scary, but there have been some ghosts who have been quite sympathetic.

The sympathetic ghosts are the ones that would make the audiences feel for them. They weren’t evil people, but victims of a tragedy who didn’t realize what has happened to him, or are trying to move on to the next stage. Due to their attachment with a loved one or desire for justice, they are stuck in the spirit world, and they need help to escape the realm. We know that once someone becomes a ghost, they slowly start losing their humanity, forgetting who they once were, becoming inhumane in the process. In the show Supernatural, we have been presented with several examples of the sympathetic ghosts – these are the spirits who are not malevolent or evil, but they only seek closure of the past trauma or justice.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Most Sympathetic Ghosts In Supernatural That Made Our Eyes Teary

4. Leticia Gore (The Real Ghostbusters)

Sympathetic Ghosts In Supernatural That Made Our Eyes Teary
The CW

She was an orphanage caretaker who was originally believed to have claimed the lives of young boys that were under her charge in the Orphanage. It also included her own son. The Orphanage turned into a convention center where paranormal activity was witnessed. After learning about the history of Leticia, the Winchesters torched the remains of Leticia, but it was only later that they realized from the ghost of Leticia son that the mother didn’t harm any boys, but she only eliminated the people responsible for the demise of her son in a fit of grief. She was the one who kept the three orphans in control, stopping them from harming anyone.

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3. Molly McNamara (Roadkill)

Sympathetic Ghosts In Supernatural That Made Our Eyes Teary
The CW

In the episode “Roadkill”, considered by many to be one of the best episodes of the earlier Supernatural seasons. Molly McNamara is a ghost who is reliving the moments of her demise in a time loop fashion over and over again. She is a sympathetic ghost who isn’t aware of what has happened to her and seeks help. We learnt that on a night in 1992, while driving on Highway 41 along with her husband, the car crashed into a farmer named Jonah. Molly was the one driving the car and she too passed away. John turned into a vengeful ghost who would chase Molly on the same highway. Eventually, the boys told Molly about what has happened to her. After learning her fate and knowing that her husband is alive and happy, she moved on to the next level.


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