5 Things That You Should Know About Lauren Cohan

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lauren Cohan is one of the most successful actresses all across the globe. Best known for her iconic role of Maggie Greene in the Zombie series ‘The Walking Dead’. Apart from this, Lauren is also known for her work in shows such as Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Archer, Whiskey Cavalier. She is also known for her appearances in films such as Van Wilder, BvS: Dawn of Justice, The Boy, All Eyez On Me.

So Take A Look At 5 Things That You Should Know About Lauren Cohan


5 Things That You Should Know About Lauren Cohan
The CW

Did you know that Lauren Cohan was born as Lauren Storholm to Susan Moorhouse and Paul Storholm. Her mother is Scottish whereas father hails from America. Lauren was raised in the state of New Jersey, but she moved to United Kingdom with her mother when she was 13. When she was young, she converted to Judaism and participated in the ‘Bat Mitzvah’ ceremony which is part of the tradition. After Lauren’s birth parents were separated, Lauren’s mom Susan married a Matthew Cohan who became the step-father of Lauren and her last name was also changed to that of him. Lauren shares a close relationship with both her step father and birth father. Even though Lauren had no blood siblings, she has numerous siblings. Five who come from her mother side and two who come from Lauren’s biological father side.

Lauren’s name has been linked with Steven Yeun who is her TWD co-star. Their chemistry was pretty amazing. The TWD fandom shipped them and many believed that they are actually dating in real life. They are only good friends in real life. Her name has also been linked with Christian Carino. According to a report, the two began dating in 2014.

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5 Things That You Should Know About Lauren Cohan

She originally wanted to become a Child Psychologist. That was her plan when she was a teenager. But after acquiring her higher education, she enrolled at the University of Winchester where she graduated with a BA degree in English Literature and Arts. Her mother has perhaps the most influence in inspiring Lauren to become an actress. She suggested her to start a theater group while studying at the University which is the beginning of her journey to become an actress. She would then tour with her theater group, performing at different venues.


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