6 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Cast That The Fans Don’t Know


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Even though Supernatural has ended, but the community and culture that it has created will last forever. If you feel you are a passionate fan of the show who knows everything about the show and the cast then think again. There’s plenty of stuff that has happened on and off screen that you should definitely know about.

So Take A Look At 6 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Cast That The Fans Don’t Know


6 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Cast That The Fans Don't Know
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Dean Winchester could have an entirely different life if it weren’t for his father John Winchester who forced him into the hunting life. But did you know Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played John Winchester had a lot to thank his on-screen son for. If it weren’t for Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey would have never met his future wife. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton is a match that was made possible by Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris. In 2009, Hilarie was visiting the town and stayed with Jensen & Danneel. They were having drinks in an Irish Pub when Jensen asked his on-screen father and good friend Jeffrey Dean Morgan to come down the street and join them. Jensen told Morgan there’s a girl that he should definitely meet. Morgan who was single at that time ended up developing a good connection with Burton. Soon they started dating and ended up getting married in 2009.

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6 Interesting Facts About The Supernatural Cast That The Fans Don't Know
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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are close to brothers now. The pair first met at the audition set for the show Supernatural. An interesting fact is that the duo thought that they would be competing with hundreds of actors for the show on a high profile WB Network. But they were surprised when no one else showed up to audition for the roles of Sam and Dean Winchester. Jared recalled in an interview about they were the only ones sitting in the room, wondering where is everything. They found out they had numerous similarities such as both are from Texas and are huge fans of Dallas Cowboys. Their auditions impressed the creators and they were selected instantly. Jensen Ackles originally auditioned for the role of Sam, but was considered for the role of Dean after Jared showed up.

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Jensen eventually chose Dean, he found him funnier. Jared had finished working on the Gilmore Girls where his character was named Dean. Jensen Ackles also revealed that the creators’ first choice to play John Winchester was Bruce Campbell. But when it couldn’t happen, they decided to call up Jeffrey. When Misha Collins was called for the audition, he thought he’d be playing a demon. He showed up appearing devious like a demon, but was informed he’d be playing an angel. The character of demon Ruby which was introduced in Season 3 was written keeping the actress Kristen Bell in mind, but she refused the role, the network hired Katie Cassidy.


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