Supernatural Characters Who Have Been Both A Hero & A Villain

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. A hero and a villain sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. A hero and a differ in numerous aspects, their motivation, their background, and often times their abilities also differ. Sometimes a hero needs a good villain to rise up to the challenge, to become strong. When it comes to Supernatural, there is no dearth of good villains, the show has featured over hundreds of villains ranging from minor demons to powerful archangels, all these antagonists managed to create plenty of trouble for our beloved Winchesters which resulted in an entertaining television. But did you know there have been certain Supernatural characters who have stepped into the dark side and committed villainous acts which they never thought they were capable of. Whether it was due a possession or some other SPN reason which caused these antagonists to behave like a protagonist, we’ll take a look at it.


Dean Winchester is the White Knight in the shining armor, all courageous and loyal. This character is the archtype of a hero, possessing all the qualities of a protagonist. Dean has made selfless sacrifices time and time again to save the innocents, he moved the world for his brother Sam. But there have been times when Dean Winchester acted as a villain:

Supernatural Characters Who Have Been Both A Hero & A Villain
The CW

In Season 9, he took up the Mark of Cain to defeat the Knight of Hell which he managed to do using the first blade. But the mark came with a high price, uncontrollable chaos and pure violence. But after meeting his demise at the hands of Metatron, the mark resurrected him as a demon. The Knight of Hell Dean caused problems for everyone. He threatened the management of Crowley and hunted Sam down. Thanks to Castiel, Dean was able to be restrained and eventually cured of the mark.

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In order to defeat Lucifer, Dean said YES to the alternate archangel Michael in Season 13. But this Michael wasn’t an angel of his word, after taking care of Lucifer. He refused to release the control of Dean and used his vessel to do his bidding. For weeks, Dean would experience the torture of being controlled by Michael without being able to do anything. This Michael toyed with humans and even took interest in the monsters, abducted them, and tried experiments. He made plans to eliminate the humanity.


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