Vampire Diaries: 5 Characters Who Were Almost Played By Different Actors


Vampire Diaries: 5 Characters Who Were Almost Played By Different Actors
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Perhaps the most titular role of the entire Vampire Dairies. Ian Somerhalder who failed to get a role on True Blood tried his luck with TVD, fortunately Damon’s character was written only for him. But did you know several TVD actors such as Nathaniel Buzolic, Paul Wesley, Michael Trevino auditioned for the role of Damon Salvatore. Unfortunately, none were convincing for the part. However, they ended up bagging other TVD roles. Another potential candidate for the role was David Gallagher who is best known for his work in 7th Heaven. According to Julie Plec, the 7th Heaven star impressed them greatly, but they were unsure if he’ll be able to get past the image of 7th Heaven. Paul Wesley struggled a lot to convince the creators that he’s right for Stefan. He was originally told that he’s too old so he auditioned for Damon’s part also.

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Did you know that another Dawson’s Creek almost became a part of the Vampire Diaries. James Van Der Beek who is best known for his role of Dawson Leery was considered to play the character of Alaric Saltzman. The role eventually went to Matthew Davis which proved to a career changer role for the actor. Matthew Davis would go on to play the role of Alaric Saltzman in TVD Spin-offs also; Originals & Legacies. Kevin Williamson, creator of Dawson’s Creek had imagined James Van Der for the role of Alaric, but destiny had different plans.


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Dawson’s Creek is an iconic show, it’s created by Kevin Williamson who is also the co-creator of the Vampire Diaries. After TVD had a great start with Ian’s Damon terrorizing the town of Mystic Falls. Julie and Kevin started writing about the new big bad villain, Klaus Mikaelson, who would surpass all limits of evil. The character of Klaus was hyped to the extreme before he made his debut in Season 2. Many of you might not know, but Klaus’ character wasn’t supposed to last long, it was originally planned that the character might meet his demise at the end of Season.

The audition process for the character of Klaus Mikaelson was extremely complicated and very time consuming. While looking for the perfect Klaus, Julie Plec expressed the idea of having a Dawson’s Creek actor being part of the Vampire Diaries. She was ready to make an exception for Joshua Jackson who played the role of Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek. He was almost cast in the role of the Original Vampire, but the charming Britisher Joseph Morgan wooed everyone with his performance. Undoubtedly, it was his charisma and terrific acting skills which convinced the writers to keep the character of Klaus around. Joseph became irresistible as Klaus, even getting his own spin-off series.

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