What Happened To TVD Vampire Characters Who Died!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Nobody is immortal, not even the invincible vampires who have walked the earth for centuries. Doesn’t matter whether you are a vampire, a werewolf, or a Heretic witch, nobody remains untouched from the death with the exception of Matt Donovan. Over the course of eight seasons, TVD introduced a variety of characters, some received love from the fans while some became a subject of fans’ criticism and hate. The showrunners of Vampire Diaries never hesitated from killing a fan favorite character because it makes the show unpredictable and more fun. But what happened to all the Vampires who met their demise on the show? Did they find the peace? Or is their spirit trapped in the agony?

So Take A Look At What Happened To TVD Vampire Characters Who Died!


What Happened To TVD Vampire Characters Who Died!
The CW

Rose is the sire of Katherine who first appeared in Season 2. She along with Trevor and Katherine were chased by Klaus for over 500 years. After learning the existence of a Petrova Doppelganger named Elena, Rose & Trevor come up with a plan to earn their freedom from the Mikaelsons by handing them Elena. Rose made everyone aware about the Original Vampires and what they are capable of. Slowly, she developed a friendship and brief romantic relationship with Damon. However, after being bitten by a werewolf, she was put to mercy by Damon in a heartbreaking scene. Rose would make an appearance in Season 3 as a spirit when she was summoned. With the destruction of the Other Side and the collapse of Hell, it’s assumed she found peace.

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Lexi was a close friend of Rose. It’s also mentioned that Lexi once tried setting up her two best friends; Stefan and Rose for a date. She served as the mentor to Stefan by helping him control his vampiric urges and getting through the Ripper phase at times. She arrived in Mystic Falls to celebrate the birthday of Stefan, but became a victim of Damon’s devious plan who pinned the town’s killings on her to save himself. However, the popularity of the character forced the writers to bring her back several times as a Ghost. Lexi Branson has found peace and is shown to be reunited with her BFF Stefan in the afterlife. Stefan once promised Lexi that they’ll find peace together which came true.


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