8 Most Powerful Characters In The TVD Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries Universe which we were introduced to in the Vampire Diaries and was further extended with Originals and Legacies. TVD Universe is full of powerful supernatural beings. We have vampires, werewolves. witches, hybrids, sirens, spirits, and lot more. Let’s not forget the humans who prove to be quite useful at times, but the center of focus is always a supernatural creature. One needs to be strong in order to survive in this universe. Every supernatural creature has their unique strengths and weaknesses, a werewolf bite is lethal whereas a vampire is agile, strong, and has the power of compulsion. Then we have the Originals who are virtually immortal. That brings us to the question about who is the most strongest character in the TVD Universe?

So Take A Look At 8 Most Powerful Characters In The TVD Universe


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Klaus Mikaelson is the stuff the nightmares are made up of. A character whose reputation proceeded him. When he finally showed up in Mystic Falls, there was only chaos, death, and destruction. He has walked the earth for 1000 years, played a big role in the rise and fall of empires. He has fought the toughest and the baddest, and proved why he was the greatest evil. His selfishness, rage, and power hungry nature destroyed numerous lives. Let’s not forget, Klaus is not just brawns, but brains too. He is a master of warfare strategy and battlefield politics. But with the birth of Hope, he had a change of heart, he redeemed himself. It was his popularity that made him an antihero from the most hated villain on TVD.

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10 Most Powerful Characters In The TVD Universe
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We know how the vampire age thing works, the older a vampire is, the more stronger they will be. Klaus considered Marcel his child, he also turned Marcel into a vampire even though he didn’t want to. Under the wing of Klaus, Marcel learned the politics, strategies and tactics of war. Something that would later make him the king of New Orleans. He took over the rule of New Orleans and maintained an order. He prohibited the witches from doing magic, banished the werewolves, and provided a team to the vampires. Marcel held his ground against the Klaus proving why he’s a better leader. He’s also the first non-Elijah sireline vampire to become a part of the Strix. After becoming an Upgraded Original, his powers reached to a new height. He easily defeated Kol and Elijah in a fight, ran out the Mikaelsons, and kept Klaus as his prisoner.


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